Over past four years we have been working in the field of student motorsports it has been a very adventurous drive for us. Building Such Exotic Master Pices Require Huge Amount of Resources & It Is Not Always Possible To Bare The Expenses on Our Own. This Is The Phase When Our Valuable Alias Come Into The Picture & We Are Very Lucky To Have Such Great Entities Along Our Journey.

We Publish Goodies Mentioning Our Sponsors Name Which In Turn Helps Them To Reach Our Audience

But These Sponsors Are So Kind That They Just Provide Us With Various Facilities Just To Enable Us to Develop Technology Required In The Motorsport Championships.

We Thank You All Sponsors For Helping Us Grow.

If You Are Willing To Be Our Partners In The Future Movement Do Get In Touch Just By Leaving Us With a Email on, racingagneya@gmail.com or agneyaracing@srttc.ac.in