On Behalf of III Cell

On the surface, engineers and entrepreneurs might appear to have little in common. Mention the word entrepreneur and it conjures visions of larger-than-life empire builders who create high-risk business ventures that promise either intoxicating wealth or wretched bankruptcy.

Auspiciously, engineering education provides an excellent basis for understanding entrepreneurship concepts. The principles of conserving mass, energy and momentum can be applied directly to money. Engineers who understand and apply the key driving forces of business in their sphere of influence are tomorrow's best management candidates. Reaching top corporate management requires years of experience and additional business education. However, those who manage their engineering careers as entrepreneurs from the start will enjoy a higher probability of advancing within the company.

SRTTC has started Industry Institute Interaction Cell with this objectives to have more companies involved and our students will get benefit from these companies. We facilitate students for interacting with the company by organizing events and activities. This III Cell tries to provide live Industrial projects, Internship, Industrial visit, Expert Lectures & workshops to the students.