Upcoming Events

Live Projects:

As part of the academic curriculum, students get opportunities to work on live projects throughout the year in different functional areas. A number of student projects have been offered in the recent past as a result of interaction activities.

Guest Lectures:

Corporate leaders visit the SRTTC campus throughout the year to contribute guest lectures covering wide-ranging topics in all functional domains, as well as topics on industry practices and major industry developments. These guest lectures helps as a valuable means of interaction between students and practitioners and have helped SRTTC build mutually beneficial long-lasting relationships with the corporate sector.

Industrial Visit:

The faculty members and staff of SRTTC are known for their out-of-the-box teaching and pedagogy methods. One such programme, the Industrial Visit (IV) focuses on preparing for the students to learn about the day-to-day workings of a particular industry and understand its operational issues. The programme also helps keep students abreast with the current management practices followed by such organizations and acquire traits that the industry demands of them.

Trainings & Workshop:

Training courses are ways of improving the effectiveness of current workforce, but they are also attractive benefits for ambitious people. The following are the benefits:

  • Practical application of learning to the real world and the world of work.

  • Skill development including communication, team work and presentation.

  • Hands on learning, problem solving and development of creative solutions.

  • Practical application of learning to the real world and the world of work.

  • Information about professional careers and study routes, with workshops providing a practical insight into what careers entail.