Guest and Expert Lecture

Sr. No. Event Name Resource person Conducted Date Class
1 ISTE Seminar on “Intellectual Property Right” Dr. Surykant Patil 19/08/2017 All
2 Importance of Mechanical Engineering Mr.Milind pathak 22/02/2017 FE Common
3 Business Trends Mr.S.S.Ranade 16/02/2017 FYCommon
4 How to Succeed in group discussion, Training and placement Mr.Yash Pal & A.D.Pawar HR Recruiter Bitwise 08/10/2016 FE Common
5 Expert lecture on Engineering mechanics Prof A.R.Kulkarni PCCOE 09/04/2016 FE Common
6 Expert lecture on Engineering Physics on the topic of Application using Nanomaterial Prof. S. B. Shinde09/04/2016 FE Common