Dept. of Mechanical Engineering (Diploma)

Faculty Publications

Year Name of Faculty Title of Paper Name of Journal
2017 Prof. P. B.Gawali Value stream mapping (VSM)-case study ISTE National Conference
2017 Prof. A. V. Kodarkar A Review Paper on Design for a Sheet Metal Die by CAE for Forming Analysis With various Process Parameters IJSRD ISSN (online): 2321-0613
2016 Prof. A. A. Abhyankar Effects of Machining Parameters in Turning Process for grooving operation on aluminium & Optimizing by the application of Taguchi Method & MINITAB 14 software IJRASET ISSN (Online) 2321
- 9653
2016 Prof. H. D. Kopurwar An Experimental Study of a Simple Vapour Compression Refrigeration System with Varying Parameters IERJ ISSN 2395-1621
2016 Prof. J.Y. Shah An Experimental Study of ARC Welding parameters for ultimate strength in bending and hardness on DMR249A and optimiazation IRAJ Research Forum