Head of Cell's Desk

It gives me an immense pleasure to put forth before you a brief model of aims and objectives of the Industry Institute Interaction Cell of our esteemed institution.

Suman Ramesh Tulsiani Technical Campus, (SRTTC) Faculty of Engineering embarked on unending journey in the direction of academic excellence in 2012. The objective of the Institute is to develop entrepreneurs with competence and character who will contribute to the technical and social development of the Country. Our source of inspiration Honourable Chairman Smt. Suman Ramesh Tulsiani, and Shri S. M. Kuvelkar is an entrepreneur par excellence and a pioneering proponent of combining research with Science. Learning technology in such a multifaceted environment is an experience by itself. We believe that engineering education opens opportunities for any endeavors one could think off, as it combines theory and practice judiciously. With the globalization of economy, opportunities for scientist-engineers are immense.

I am extremely happy to form this III cell of Suman Ramesh Tulsiani Technical Campus: Faculty of Engineering. This initiative was launched in June 2015 and around 30 companies have participated in this event. For holistic development of teachers and students by bridging the gap between Industry & Institute SRTTC has started this Industry Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC). This will have great bearing on the Engineering Curriculum, exposure of Industrial atmosphere to engineering students and subsequent placement of young graduating engineers in industries across the country. With the advent of globalization and opening up of Indian economy to outside world, competitions among industries have become stiff. To solve their engineering problems they look up now to Engineering Institutions. Similarly, there is an urgent need to prepare engineering students for jobs in multinational companies, by exposing them to newer technologies and engineering methodologies. These objectives can only be achieved well by bridging the gap between industry and the academic institute. This initiative will enable our students to interact with the industry. I wish faculties and students best of luck for this endeavour.

Prof. Kawathekar Anup Anil
Coordinator, IIIC
SRTTC: FoE, Kamshet
Email: tpo[at]srttc[dot]ac[dot]in