National Service Scheme(NSS) Cell

Prof. Ranjitsing P. Gaikwad

Program Officer, NSS Cell, SRTTC-FOE
Email: ranjitsing[dot]gaikwad[at]srttc[dot]ac[dot]in
Phone No: 9421131454

NSS Certificate issued by Savitribai Phule Pune University

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To develop a national character and global competence among students through a social service.


To provide a platform for organized efforts and actions for a self discovery of students.


1. To understand a social fabric of India through a interaction with folks.
2. To inculcate a sense of brotherhood and team spirit among a students through a various social activities.
3. To develop a patriotism, secularism, sense of justice and fare play and scientific temperament among students.

NSS Faculty members/Coordinators:

Sr.NoName of FacultyDesignation
1 Prof. Ranjitsing P. Gaikwad Program Officer
2 Prof. Shriram Pawar Dept. Coordinator
3 Prof. Sagar Chopade Dept. Coordinator
4 Prof. Dyaneshwar Kudande Dept. Coordinator
5 Prof. Sandip Deshpande Dept. Coordinator
6 Prof. Purushottam Desai Dept. Coordinator

Activities by NSS Unit, SRTTC FOE,

Sr. No. Activity Status
1 Fort Cleaning and Shramdan Sheebir Completed
2 Blood Donation Camp Completed
3 Tree Plantation Completed
4 Awareness program on Water conservation to citizens on village Shivali. Completed
5 Lecture on Road safety to School children Completed
6Special Winter Camp (Seven days Residential)at Village KashalCompleted

1. Fort Cleaning and Shramdan Sheebir:

National Service Scheme Unit of SRTTC FOE had organized a “Swachchata Abhiyan and Vishesh Shramdan Shibir" at Panhala Fort on 16th September, 2017 with a intention of to discuss and inculcate importance of cleanliness and conservation of Historical places among students and faculty members. We cleaned nagarparishad office and premises, major roads at fort and various tourist spots and historical places at Panhala. After cleaning we differentiate a collected garbage in to wet and dry which is good practice of disposal.

2. Tree Plantation:

NSS Cell of SRTTC FOE, Khamshet had organized "Tree Plantation" activity on 15th August, 2017 in our campus on the occasion of 70th Independence Day. The activity was inaugurated at the hands of Dr. H. G. Phakatkar, Principal, SRTTC, and Khamshet at 09:30 A.M. All the faculty members along with students planted trees in our campus with great enthusiasm.

3. Blood Donation Camp:

Blood Donation Camp at SRTTC campus was arranged on 26th September, 2017. All the students, faculty members and other staff was appealed to donate blood and we received very positive response. The sole purpose of this camp was to make everyone socially aware about importance and benefits of blood donation. Doctors and staff of Rotary Club were invited to collect blood from interested people.

4. Awareness program on "Water Conservation" at village Shivali:

NSS Unit of SRTTC FOE conducted an awareness program on “Water conservation" to students and citizens of village Shivali, Junnar on 16th November 2017 to inculcate a importance of water conservation and make them aware about water pollution, its effects and precautions to be taken. The session was inaugurated by Mr. Balu Kumbhar, Dy. Sarpanch of village Shivali, in a Bhairavnath temple (Village Deity) and was attended by various officials of Shivli Grampanchayat, citizens of villege, students of Chatrapati Vidyalay and ZP school of the village.

5. Road Safety- India's Biggest Immerging Challenge:

National Service Scheme Unit of SRTTC FOE had organized a Lecture on “Road Safety- India's Biggest Immerging Challenge " at Pandit Nehru Vidyalaya High School, Kamshet, Maval on 17th November, 2017 with a intention of to discuss and inculcate importance of road safety, causes of accidents on road and precautions to be taken among the students.

6. Special Winter Camp (Seven days Residential) at Village Kashal:

National Service Scheme Unit of SRTTC FOE had organized a Special Winter Camp (Seven days Residential) at Village Kashal on 28th January, 2018 to 3rd February.The winter camp was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. H. G. Phakatkar, Principal, SRTTC- FOE in a Viththal temple (Village Deity) at 10:15am on date 28 Jan. 2018 .Inauguration ceremony was graced by Prof. K.S. Tapaskar, Vice Principal, SRTTC FOE, Faculty Members, Sarpanch, Dy. Sarpanch and senior citizens of village. In the inauguration speech Dr.H. G. Phakatkar, Principal, SRTTC- FOE expressed importance of National Service Scheme in nation building. He also expressed well wishes to all NSS volunteers for this seven day's camp. In a welcome speech, Mr. TukaramJadhav Dy. Sarpanch of village committed to provide basic facilities of lodging and boarding to all volunteers. All volunteers worked hard during these seven days to bring a change in to society. Volunteers performed following activities during a camp.
1. Swachchata Abhiyan,
2. Study and renovation of Continuous Contour Trench,
3. Arranged essay and sketch competition among school children,
4. People awareness though street play and short films,
5. People awareness though expert lectures,
6. Medical check-up of villagers by qualified doctors,
7. Preparation of school ground,
8. Arrangement of expert lecture on fundamentals of computer to school children,
9. Maintenance of computer lab of Z. P. School,
10. Gift of Lazim Set, Sporting goods and books to Z. P. School,
11. Organised debate competition among youth of village,
12. Visit to organic farm.