Research Grant

Name of Principal Investigator Duration of project Name of the research project Amount / Fund received Name of funding agency Year of sanction Department of recipient
Prof. N. N. Jadhav 03 months Experimental investigation of pullout resistance of geotextile 20000 Shivraj Constructions, Khopoli 2017 Civil Engineering
Prof. N. N. Jadhav 04 months Evalutaion of Improvement in Properties of Crushed sand cement concrete by admixtures 28000 Suyash RME, Pune 2017 Civil Engineering
Prof. C.Srinidhi 02 years Investigation of Performance and emissions of Diesel Engine using Biodiesel as Blends 30000 Green Biofuels 2017 Mechanical Engineering
Dr. H.G. Phakatkar Completed “Fatigue Life Prediction of Spiral Arm and Linear Arm Flexure Bearing” Rs. 1,90,000/- SPPU, Pune 2013-2014 Mechanical Engineering
Prof. Rupali Zope Completed Intelligent Transportation System Using GIS for Pune City. 2,65,000.00 SPPU, Pune 2011-2012 Civil Engineering
Prof. Anjali More Completed Two days State Level Workshop on Research Methodology 1,00,000 SPPU, Pune 2014-15 Computer Engineering