SRTTC's Student Council

For holistic development of the Institute, efforts are made by involving students in academic and administrative bodies/committees. The Student Council exists to enhance the overall graduation experience at institute by promoting and conducting new programs which results in multidimensional growth of students. The main objective of the student council is to cultivate and enhance organizational skills among students which will results in their personality development. Student Council acts as a link between institute administration and students which provides opportunity for student community to express their ideas about institute and to recommend suggestions as per their expectations. Every year student council of the institute organizes intra-college and inter-college sports activities, various cultural activities which includes activities for social cause like blood donation camp, annual technical festival and deputes students to coordinate these activities. The sports coordinator ensures participation of maximum students in all types of sports activities organized by the institute and outside the institute. The technical coordinator ensures the maximum participation of students in various technical events and contributes to conduct technical workshop and events in institute. Institute has SAEINDIA Collegiate club through which students can participate in various SAE activities like SAEINDIA BAJA, TIFAN etc. Institute also has a cultural club ALCHERA in which students can express their talent and can take part in cultural activities within the institute and other than institute. Student Council has a discipline committee which consists of class representatives from all branches in institute to ensure discipline in academics, co-curricular and extra- curricular activities.
Institute provides opportunity for active participation of students in various academic and administrative activities by including them in various institutional committees like curriculum development committee wherein students are allowed to express their academic requirements to be incorporated in the curricula. Their opinion about content, implementation, assessment and evaluation and result declaration is taken into account here before finalizing the curriculum. The important feature of the student council is involvement of the students in continuous assessment which is a part and mandatory requirement in the institute. This boosts the confidence amongst the students about their capacity building and brings transparency in evaluation process. Students have representation on Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the institute which sets the targets and benchmarks for the academic processes. Also, students have representation on departmental chapters, professional chapters, and various cells of the departments. These chapters and cells help to make the system more students centric. This approach ensures strong linkages between institute and students resulting in achievement of expected program outcomes. Student representation on the Grievance Redressal Cell (GRC) provides moral support to the students to raise their grievance, if any, and also brings transparency between institute and students with respect to the process adopted for the grievance redressal and final decision taken by the GRC.

Students’ Council of SRTTC for A.Y: 2017-18

Sr.No Student Name Class Name of Post
1 Miss. Mamta Panda BE Comp University Representative(UR)
2 Mr. Shubham Sagare BE Mech General Secretary (GS)
3 Mr. Rohan Bansal BE Mech Student Council Coordinator (SCC)
4 Miss. Sneha Shinde BE Mech Ladies Representative (LR)
5 Mr. James Aware TE Civil Cultural Secretary (CS)
6 Mr. Ajit Waghmode BE E&TC Sports Secretary Boys(SSB)
7 Miss. Trupti Suryawanshi BE Comp Sports Secretary Girls(SSG)
8 Mr. Ganesh Patil BE Mech Magazine Secretary (MS)
9 Mr. Prathamesh Gurav TE Mech Dy. Magazine Secretary (DMS)
10 Mr. Omkar Andhale BE Mech Technical Secretary (TS)
11 Mr. Chinmay Malvade BE Mech Mech. Departmental Technical Coordinator
12 Mr. Sunny Ashtekar BE Civil Civil Departmental Technical Coordinator
13 Mr. Jayesh Mane SE Comp Comp and E&TC Departmental Technical Coordinator
14 Mr. Vishal Alte BE Mech Decoration Coordinator
15 Miss. Renuka Kumbhar TE Comp Decoration Coordinator
16 Mr. Vinay Muley BE Mech Discipline Coordinator
17 Mr. Omkar Dalvi BE Civil Discipline Coordinator