Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the oldest branch of engineering. Civil engineers plan, design and build homes, transport systems, irrigation systems, water supply systems, sanitary systems and smart cities. It is the branch of engineering which not only fulfil the basic need of shelter but it also very vital from environmental, social and health aspect of individual’s life.
The Department of Civil Engineering established in 2012, with intake capacity of 60 under-graduate students, has made remarkable progress in few years. The department has well qualified and dedicated faculties with different areas of specialisation. The faculties participate in several academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as well. They are also engaged in research projects and frequently their research papers are published in national & international journals.
The department has well equipped laboratories and computational facilities. The department has been offering consultancy and testing services to Government, semi - Government, private sectors. To inculcate the social responsibility in students the department is also actively involved in various social projects.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)


Apply knowledge in analysis, design, survey, testing and construction of civil engineering structures along with knowledge of mathematics, basic science and soft skill to solve complex Civil Engineering problems.


Understand economic, environmental, societal, health and safety factors involved in Civil Engineering.


Develop skill for continuous self-learning and research in civil engineering to fulfill the needs of society, ethically.


To divulge knowledge, skills and ethics neededin civil engineergloballyto our students.


  1. To produce civil engineers of high competence, technical skills to serve the society and nation.
  2. To promote innovative and original thinking in the minds of potential under graduate students with the spirit of entrepreneurship.
  3. To develop capacities of individuals in line of industry requirements through collaboration with Industry, Academia and Research organization.

Short Term Goals/ Objectives:

  1. To make students more responsible towards academic compliances
  2. To adopt and inculcate best practices to develop good academic culture
  3. To develop a department with the state of art of academic
  4. To develop a framework for performance excellence of students
  5. To inculcate research aptitude and values with social responsibilities

Long Term Goals/ Objectives:

  1. To establish a post graduation program in civil engineering.
  2. To establish a research centre to fulfill the industrial needs through consultancy services.
  3. To develop a framework for promotion of technological advancements to various sections of society for betterment of human being.
  4. To develop establish department as the centre of excellence in civil engineering.