Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) Faculty Chapter [MH-268]

The Indian Society for Technical Education is a national, professional, non-profit making Society registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860. It was first started in 1941 as the Association of Principals of Technical Institutions (APTI) and converted into “Indian Society for Technical Education” in 1968 with a view to enlarge its activities to advance the cause of technological education.
The major objective of the ISTE is to assist and contribute in the production and development of top quality professional engineers and technicians needed by the industries and other organisations. Being the only national organisation of educators in the field of Engineering and Technology, ISTE effectively contributes in various missions of the Union Government. The Ministry of Human Resource Development, AICTE/DST/MIT/State Govts. are well associated with the ISTE for programmes related to technical education.

Events Conducted:

Sr. No.

Name of Activity

Activity Conducted Date



ISTE Faculty Chapter Inauguration


1) To get information about various activity conducted under ISTE.

2) Importance of ISTE chapter for faculty members.


Seminar on “IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)”


1) To make students and staff aware about procedure for filling patent.

2) Explain sample cases and number of areas for filling patent.


Expert Lecture on Research Methodology


1) To get information about how to do research and publish papers with well known journals.

2) To provide information about different funded projects.


One day Workshop on “Non-Destructive Testing”


1) To get knowledge for different Non-Destructive Testing  on round hammer test, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test, rebar locator, carbonation test and vibration test


One day FDP on “Stress Handling and Power of Motivation & Positivity”


1) To get knowledge how to motivate colleagues and improve ability to lead.

2) To get information for strengthening the communication process.

3) To get ability to develop teamwork and team building

ISTE Members:

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Position
1. Prof. Dnyaneshwar V. Kudande Chairman
2. Prof. Bhavesh B. Shah Secretary
3. Prof. Parag V. Bute Treasurer
4. Prof. Rupali P. Zope Member
5. Prof. Anil B. Swami Member
6. Prof. Girish N. Matre Member
7. Prof. Rohit R. Patil Member
8. Prof. Sagar S. Ajanalkar Member
9. Prof. Ankush Patekhede Member