Department of Computer and E&TC Engineering

The Department of Computer and E&TC Engineering established in the year 2012 as an institution offering Undergraduate course in Computer Engineering. In these 5 years, the department has acquired national importance. This has been achieved by the collective and responsive effort of the faculty, the supporting staff and the students.
The department is well equipped with excellent computing facilities, and has highly qualified faculty specialized in areas like Web Mining, Wireless Networking, Data Mining, Software Engineering, Image Processing, System Designing etc.


The Computer Engineering Department is dedicated to persistently improve its educational environment in order to develop rural youth with the strong academic and technical backgrounds.


  1. To encourage students to become dynamic, problem solving individuals who can find and understand the knowledge needed to be successful in the profession.
  2. Enrich Industry Institute Interaction program to get accustomed with corporate culture.
  3. To develop the students to survive with pioneering technology to meet IT industry needs and contributing the progress of nation.

Short Term Goals:

  1. Improving in student’s placement.
  2. Encouraging faculty for Ph. D. / research work.
  3. Emphasizing in Institute – Industry Liaison.
  4. Undertaking UG Industry sponsored projects.
  5. Implementation of project based learning.

Long Term Goals:

  1. Undertaking consultancy activity for internal revenue generation.
  2. Establishing center of excellence in the area of computer science and engineering.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

Computer Engineering Department


The ability to understand, design and develop the software to meet the real world challenges in the current and future.


The ability to design and develop the applications to make distributed parallel computing over serial


The ability to develop the automated system over manual to make ease of life

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