SRTTC registered SRTTC Alumni Association (MH/908/2018/Pune) from Assistant Charity Commissioner, Pune, with the name of "SRTTC Alumni Association". SRTTC Alumni association will be going to form in the Institution to satisfy following financial and non-financial assistance to attain social values by an individual or by a group of students associated with Alumni association.

Non-financial activities:
1.Delivering academic lectures.
2.Delivering lectures on pursuing careers.
3.Disseminating information on current and future trends in industries.
4.Contribution to laboratory development.
5.Organizing industrial visits.
6.Participating in curriculum development.
7.Extending help for campus interviews.
8.Active role in bringing up MoUs.
9.Acting as brand ambassador of the Institute.
10.Facilitating sponsored projects for students.
11.Facilitating internships for students.
12.Sharing experiences with students.
13.Sharing information about higher studies.
14.Guidance for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
15.Participation in social welfare activities.

Financial activities:
1.Membership of alumni association.
2.Institutionalization of scholarships.
3.Financial contribution towards development of academic facilities.
4.Sponsoring the events.
5.Sponsoring rewards.
6.Donating in-kind, books etc.